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How to Talk to Your Child about a Parent’s Addiction


For a child, understanding a parent’s addiction problem is incredibly difficult. The parent sometimes takes the incorrect approach by drawing a negative picture of the addicted parent into the child’s mind. Also, sometimes the parent who is not addicted to drugs or alcohol avoids talking about the other parent’s problem.

However, the child needs to know that the parent’s addiction is not his or her fault. The young ones need to be told that it is alright to voice the feelings Read more […]

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5 Simple Steps for Helping Your Kids Learn to Dress Right

Teaching children to get dressed is something most parents don’t think about right after having children. However, there comes a time in every parent’s life when it needs to be done. While it isn’t hard, it does take a little bit of patience, and getting your kids to dress properly can be even more difficult. Follow these five basic steps to teach your kids how to dress right.
1. Practice Makes Perfect
When physically teaching children how to dress, having them practice putting clothes on Read more […]