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How to Deal With a Teething Baby

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Teething?

Your baby’s teeth may appear with no apparent problems at all, but it could equally be painful and uncomfortable for them. There are many indications that your baby could be teething, including:

-          Red and swollen gums

-          Flushed cheeks

-          Drooling

-          Biting or rubbing gums

-          Irritable and unsettled

Though your babies teeth are formed in the womb, they Read more […]

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4 Unexpected Problems Faced by New Mothers

Suddenly being responsible for a tiny, vulnerable human being is always going to be a shock to the system, but what problems do new mothers face that they hadn’t anticipated?

Constant Worrying

Even for women who would usually consider themselves as being pretty laidback, motherhood can send your anxiety levels sky-high. Checking your baby’s cot every five minutes and waking up at 3am because you ‘thought you heard a noise’ will become common occurrences, and new mothers can find themselves Read more […]