3 Ways Leased Line Beats Broadband Every Time

Everybody wants a super fast net connection. With so much great stuff to stream and watch and so many places to access it, a reliable and fast connection is close to becoming one of the basic necessities of life. But in considering what type of connection to opt for, have you thought seriously about the advantages a leased line has over the more usual broadband connection you see in most family homes?

Although both are used to connect to the web, what differentiates leased lines from broadband are particular technical parameters. A leased line is much better suited for organisations or homes with a big number of users, as it can deliver speed and stability that broadband can’t yet match. Furthermore all users can share a single network too, making it easy to share files between yourselves in a way broadband struggles to support.

Still not convinced? Here are more ways a leased line can win out.

Dedicated Line

As broadband lines are shared between several users, upload and download speeds can fluctuate varyingly depending on users and times of day. With a leased line you won’t run into issues like these, primarily because you won’t be sharing a line among a group of customers and therefore will avoid the inevitable slow-down that can result.

Broadband users are often subject to these sketchy results because the service provider ratio is something like 1:50, meaning that for one line, it is being shared among something around 50 users at any one time.

Data Usage

Another main advantage a leased line can have over broadband and another tick-in-the-box as to why it can sometimes prove more cost effective is in the matter of data usage. As a leased line taps into a network that is running 24 hours a day, all year round, users have unlimited data usage, meaning lines are stable and speeds are consistent. That makes leased lines far more effective for running a range of applications as well as making it incredibly useful for work-at-home families who need that kind of connection.

Flexibility and Speed

Finally one of the biggest advantages a leased line has over broadband? Flexibility and speed.

The speed of a leased line, although similar to that of a broadband line, is, because of the shared ratio, always going to work out faster and more consistently run at the speed package purchased. With a leased line you never have to worry about peak time and down time of your network, you’ll always be dialled in at a consistent speed.

Furthermore with flexibility. Both broadband and leased lines give a lot of options to potential users but there are simply more options for leased line users in the matter of speed.

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