Game of the Month

Food Allergy Fill-in-the-Blank!

SophieSophie the Elephant has a lot of energy, and she's ready to get going. So let's join in the fun!

Coloring Pages

Alexander has a nice collection of pages and you get to decide what color. Good luck! Color Now!

Print out this coloring sheet and pick out the items to which Alexander is allergic.

Image Puzzle

Try to find the allergens in this image puzzle! Once you're finished, add color to the page.

Word Find

Brrrr! Try to find all of the winter words in this word search you can print out.

So many words are hidden! We need you to help Lenny find them all.

Summer Word Search: Find these words - all items that you might take to the beach!

Check out this back-to-school themed word search!

Word Scramble

Can you solve the word scramble? Use the clues we've provided to figure out the words.

Try to solve this nutty word scramble!


Think you know everything? Test your knowledge in here!

Take our Halloween-themed quiz.

True or False? Take this quiz to test your food allergy smarts!


Mix and match and unscramble, lots of fun! Play now!

Test your food allergen knowledge with this matching game!


Test your memory by finding our International Zoo characters in this memory matching game.


Summer Maze - find your way to summer fun!

Print and Play

Print out some games to take with you and play.

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