Should You Help Your Teen Buy Their First Car?

The thing about “learning an expensive lesson” is that you could learn the same lesson for cheap if someone would have just told you what was up. So the question is not so much “should you help your teenager buy their first car?” as “to what extent should you help your teenager buy their first car?”
Consider for a second what will happen if you don’t help your teenager at all in the buying process. More teenagers than not are going to go out and buy a car that looks great, and runs like a busted Read more […]


Schuco bi-folding doors are a class apart from the rest

When it comes to bi-folding doors, there are many different types to choose from. Deciding on aluminium or PVCu could well be one of the easier choices, because after that, the styles, manufacturers and much more can be a real minefield.
However, as more and more people decide to improve their home with these products, so also improves our greater understanding of the benefits and differences between one system and another.
The Schuco bi-folding door is quite simply put regarded by customers, Read more […]

3 Ways Leased Line Beats Broadband Every Time

Everybody wants a super fast net connection. With so much great stuff to stream and watch and so many places to access it, a reliable and fast connection is close to becoming one of the basic necessities of life. But in considering what type of connection to opt for, have you thought seriously about the advantages a leased line has over the more usual broadband connection you see in most family homes?
Although both are used to connect to the web, what differentiates leased lines from broadband are Read more […]