Vital things to know before planning a funeral or cremation of a family member

There are many people who have taken a lot of steps to protect the future of their family, opened new savings accounts, invested wisely and obtained life insurance policies on their home and life. But what they miss out is taking care of their funeral arrangements and they leave behind the most difficult tasks for the family members who are surviving. It is tough to figure out such things during loss and sadness. Therefore, it is important to give a serious thought to the personal wishes of your Read more […]

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10 Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

For many people, Halloween is a happy time of year where most people are carefree and enjoy the holiday festivities without any problems. However, in recent years it seems like more and more incidents are happening around this holiday, and the worst part is a lot of them could have been prevented.


Knowing how to keep your children, and yourself, safe this Halloween is fairly easy when you follow a few simple safety precautions. Here we have put together a list of simple tips to follow, Read more […]

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10 Home Safety Tips to Teach your Children

No parent can constantly be watching over their children every moment of the day—especially with your older ones! It is, however, entirely possible to worry about them 24/7, so to give yourself some peace of mind (and your children a healthy dose of confidence) it’s a great idea to teach them some home safety tips.

It can be difficult to know where to start, however, so we’ve compiled this helpful list of 10 basic safety tips to pass on to your kids:

For your younger ones, as soon as Read more […]

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How to Teach Young Ones to Be Gentle With Pets

Pets are a precious addition to any home. Living, breathing companions, they can teach kids a lot about compassion, responsibility, and love. But kids must also be taught how to care for and handle pets. If left to their own devices, children can play too roughly with pets.

An animal hurt by an exuberant child might hit back—or rather bite. And then what? A tiresome visit to the emergency room for the child. A one way trip to the local shelter for the animal. Such disasters can be prevented.

A Read more […]

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Top 4 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Parents are constantly juggling their work, family, and social life. During their younger years, the little ones can be deprived of all-important mummy/daddy time, thanks to life’s many obstacles.

Make the most of what little time you have with your kids, while they’re still young. Of course, you want to be the most involved parent that you can be. Find ways to spend quality time with the children, even if you start small and build-up slowly. Life goes on, but memories are priceless.


Baking Read more […]