"During lunch, my friend reminded me to look at the label of some cookies that were in my lunchbox. Even though my mom had packed my lunch and I knew they were safe, it was nice that my friend was looking out for me."

~Matthew, age 8, allergic to peanuts

"Before we go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving, my mom sends her a list of things that I can't eat. I always check the labels, just in case."

~Allie, age 10, allergic to wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts

"Everywhere I go, I carry my epinephrine auto-injector. My friends help me make sure everyone knows about my food allergies."

~Cheyenne, age 8, allergic to eggs and peanuts

"My teacher has a bunch of safe treats in the classroom that I can eat if one of my classmates has a birthday celebration in school."

~Megan, age 7, allergic to tree nuts

"I already met the school nurse, even before the first day of school. She is part of a team that helps keep me safe at school."

~Anthony, age 9, allergic to milk

"My big sister always looks out for me and helps keep me safe. She is one of my FAAN heroes."

~Molly, age 4, allergic to wheat and egg

"The last day of school is coming up! I am so excited about going to see my grandparents this summer! They always have safe treats for me, and my grandmother lets me help her bake safe cookies."

~Sasha, age 9, allergic to milk, peanuts, and tree nuts

"For Food Allergy Awareness Week, I'm going to talk to my classmates about how they can keep me safe."

~Diana, age 6, allergic to peanuts and tree nuts

"I have a food allergy hero: my mom. She does so much to keep me safe and I love that she bakes me special cupcakes every time I am invited to a birthday party."

~Edward, age 9, allergic to wheat

"Just because I have food allergies doesn't mean I have to be left out of things, it just means I have to be extra careful."

~Riley, age 8, allergic to eggs and milk

”I'm the only one in my family allergic to peanuts, but we ALL eat sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter. It makes me feel great that even my sister won't eat peanut butter at home.”

~Hailey, age 6, allergic to peanuts

“The beginning of school is so fun! I love seeing my friends again, doing science experiments, and playing sports.”

~ Lee, age 10.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is playing ultimate Frisbee with my cousins. We go to a park and play while the grownups make dinner.”

~Dan, age 10. Allergic to eggs and wheat.

"My mom and dad came to my school, to give a presentation to my whole class about food allergies. My friends all asked a lot of questions, and now they understand why I can't share food, and why I always have a safe cupcake at birthday parties."

~Robert, age 7. Allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs.

"I have a guinea pig as a pet. She’s really cute. I try to make her happy, but most guinea pig treats that you buy in the stores have peanuts in them, and I'm allergic. Not only do I read the food labels on my food, I read my guinea pig’s food labels, too!"

~Danielle, age 9. Allergic to peanuts.

"I like to go to birthday parties, where I get to swim or work on craft projects. I have to be careful because of my allergies, but when I go to birthday parties, I get to have different cake from what the other kids eat. It was weird before, but now it’s my extra special treat, even when it’s not my birthday. My food allergies don't stop me from having fun at the parties."

~Amy, age 5. Allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, and tree nuts.

"My friend Jessica, age 3, just had a birthday party. Her mommy made sure that the treats in my goodie bag were safe for me. She also asked people to wash their hands after eating any unsafe foods. Most kids are taught to wash their hands before eating, but we all know that it's important to wash hands after eating too."

~Sydney, age 4, allergic to milk and eggs.

"Having food allergies is fun because you get to make and decorate your own birthday cake and special treats. Then your treats are always made with love!"

~Savannah, age 5, allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts.

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