Teaching classmates about food allergy

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Dear Alexander,

I've tried to explain food allergies to my classmates, but they just don't care to understand. How can I show them how serious food allergies are?

You have a few options. Have you shown them any of the Alexander, the Elephant Who Couldn’t Eat Peanuts videos? Your classmates would enjoy these animated stories about a friendly, young elephant who can’t eat peanuts. Some of the Alexander videos even have interviews with real kids who have food allergies!

There are also Alexander storybooks that a parent or teacher could read to your class. These storybooks cover a wide range of topics and can help show just how safe you have to be all the time.

Asking your teacher, the school nurse, or the principal for help is another good way to get your classmates’ attenion. Your safety is very important to these adults, so they would be great advocates. Sometimes, classmates won’t listen unless an adult is the one talking.

Whatever you do, I’m sure that with enough work, your classmates will understand the importance of food allergies.

Good luck!

Your friend,

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