Getting ready for school

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Dear Alexander,

How do you get ready for the beginning of the school year?

Well, I do what almost everyone does. First, I talk to my doctor. He knows if there’s anything special that I should do, and he reminds me of steps I may have forgotten.

Next, I talk to my teacher before the school year starts. If it’s a teacher I’ve never met before, I tell her about my food allergies and why I can’t have any peanuts. If it’s a teacher I’ve had before, I just double-check to make sure he remembers about my food allergies.

Then I talk to the school nurse. I make sure she knows where my medicine is kept, and I give her a copy of my Food Allergy Action Plan. That way, I can be sure that she will know what to do if I have a reaction.

Last, I talk to my parents. I help my mom bake a supply of safe treats for parties at school, and we check to make sure all my prescriptions are current. Once I do all of this, I get some paper and pencils – to take notes with!

Good luck!

Your friend,

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The information above is not designed to take the place of a doctor’s instructions. Patients are urged to contact a doctor for specific information regarding guidelines for care.

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