Eating during the holidays

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Dear Alexander,

My dad wants to eat in a restaurant this year for our holiday meal, but my mom doesn’t think we should. Which have you found to be easiest?

That’s a great question! Families often enjoy eating out during the holidays, because it saves time and energy. However, it also presents extra problems for those of us with food allergies.

If you’re eating out, have your dad call the restaurant in advance and plan out a safe meal with them. He will need to remind the staff about secret ingredients that can show up in food and review ways to avoid cross-contact in the kitchen.

I think the safest and easiest is eating at home. Your family already has a lot of experience in managing your food allergy! The most important thing to do is to tell your parents what you want to do. That will help them make the decision.

Good luck!

Your friend,

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