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Dear Alexander,

My older brother doesn't have any allergies, but I am allergic to milk. He is usually pretty good about it, but sometimes when his friends come over, they make jokes about it. How can I deal with this?
Wow, this can be a tough situation. Sometimes older brothers or sisters act differently around their friends. When your brother is not around his friends, talk to him and let him know how this makes you feel. Older brothers usually like to help out and protect their younger brothers and sisters. Ask your brother to tell his friends that food allergies are nothing to laugh about. Some kids tease because they don't understand food allergies and what it's like to have one. He can teach his friends a lot, and that helps you to stay safe.

If they are still being mean, then go to a different room, and then they won’t bother you any more. Make sure to let your parents know about the jokes.

Good luck!

Your friend,

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