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Dear Alexander,

Halloween is coming up soon and I love Halloween! I want to go trick-or-treating and eat candy, but my mom is worried about me having a reaction.

No one wants to have a reaction, on Halloween or any other day. But on Halloween, you definitely have to be extra careful because there is so much candy everywhere that looks pretty yummy. But just as you would never eat a food that someone offered you without checking with a trusted adult, you must never eat, or even open a piece of candy if your parents haven’t said it’s okay.

There are ways to stay safe and have fun on Halloween. You could have your friends over for a Halloween get-together and safe treats, or make a haunted “house” with friends. If your parents allow you to go trick-or-treating, see if your family can buy some safe candy beforehand. Go with a parent and don’t open any candy until your parents have a chance to read the labels. There may be a few, or even a lot, of pieces of candy that your mom and dad take away from your treat bag. But you know what? You can swap out that candy for some of the safe candy you already bought. Ask your mom and dad to check out www.foodallergy.org/featuredtopic.html for more tips on staying safe on Halloween.

Good luck!

Your friend,

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