Holiday food with relatives

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Dear Alexander,

My family members know that I have food allergies, but when we go visit relatives for dinner, they always hand out ice cream to my cousins. We are going to spend the holidays with them, and I really want them to know that it hurts my feelings when they do that. What should I do?

I’m sorry that you have had that experience. I know it hurts your feelings. Before you go to your relatives’ home this year, it’s a good idea for you or your mom to give them a phone call to remind them about your food allergies. You might want to suggest a dessert that you can safely eat, because they probably aren’t used to shopping or cooking for someone who has food allergies and they need a reminder.  Bring a safe treat with you, just in case they forget again. And let them know that this has caused you some hurt feelings in the past. I’m sure they don’t want to hurt your feelings again. Good luck!

Good luck!

Your friend,

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