How to Choose the Best Taps for your Bath

Picking out new taps for your bath tub and the basins may seem like an easy task, but there are many considerations to take into account that will affect how successful your bathroom renovation is in the long run. Bath taps and basin taps need to look good, but their functionality also needs to be considered. Here are the steps you need to take in order to ensure your bathroom taps are fit for purpose – and look stunning, too.

1. Look at the Overall Style

It is important that your bathroom taps fit in well with the overall style of the room. If you have a traditional antique-style bathroom then the taps need to be styled accordingly. A modern bathroom requires contemporary-style taps. Taps for Whirlpool Baths, for example, are likely to be simple and sleek to match the styling of the whirlpool tub.

2. Check Ease of Use

Certain styles of taps are easier to use than others. If anyone in the family has difficulties operating taps then consider which will be best for their needs. Simple, flip-style taps are easier to use than stiffer, regular taps that require twisting.

3. Check for Fit

It is vitally important that taps keep water inside the basin and don’t send it flowing out. The projection of the tap over the basin is crucial, and you don’t want to get taps that are too large for the basin, or don’t reach far enough out so water ends up flowing back towards the wall. Take measurements of the basin or bath and consult with the supplier as to the suitability of different styles of bathroom tap.

4. Look at Price

You don’t have to go for the full gold-plated, mega-expensive option in taps but you do need to consider quality and it may be a false economy if you buy the cheapest taps just because of the price. You want the taps to last, considering you will be using them every day for years.

5. Consider Mixer Taps

A mixer tap has one spout and is a good option for convenience as you get the exact temperature of water you need without having to run it into a bowl. Or you may prefer separate hot and cold taps – the choice is yours. Just make sure there is room on the basin for your preferred option.

6. Pay Attention to Water Pressure

Some taps may not be suited to homes with low water pressure or, on the other hand, high pressure. Bear this in mind as you search for taps, as nothing is more frustrating than a tap that gives you little more than a dribble when you turn it on.

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