How to turn your concrete garage into a man cave

Have you ever longed for your own space, for some privacy or just a place to relax and unwind? The concrete garage can be a highly useful space to store items to be used later, however, more often than not the garage becomes a dumping ground for junk you’re not quite ready to through away completely.

But you can change all of that by creating your perfect man (or woman) cave this year, and it actually takes less effort than you might think. Here are our simple steps to help you transform your concrete garage into a man cave:


Many of us use our concrete garage to store items such as bikes, winter clothes, drinks and cleaning supplies. So if you are intending to turn your garage into a man cave the space needs to be organised and thoroughly cleaned. It is time to sort through all the junk and decide if it is something you or your family need. Once the garage has been emptied make sure to give the walls and floor a deep clean as you want the room to smell fresh.


If you are anticipating using the space during the winter months then your concrete garage will need to be professionally insulated throughout the walls ceiling and floor to keep the room warm when it is cold outside.


Standard concrete garages are installed with one or two lights, however, as you want to make the space more habitable and welcoming additional lighting will be needed to open up the space. As there is a wide variety of lights available in different designs and functions, think beforehand what you need from the lighting. Installing lighting by yourself can be dangerous, especially if the garage is detached from the main house, it is always recommended a professional electrician installs new lights for safety.


This is the easy part, where you can put your own stamp on the space you have created. Think about what you want to do in the concrete garage; are you wanting a private sanctuary or an area for entertaining. The furniture doesn’t have to be anything expensive and flash if you don’t want it to be, it is your space. Many large charity shops have furniture of good quality at a discount price, this furniture can give character to a living space. Alternately there are second hand furniture websites that may save you time in looking for items to furnish your man cave.

By following the above steps you can transform your dusty cluttered concrete garage into a welcome living space to be used. These are of course the very basic steps to get you started, but there are so many options of what you can use your concrete garage for, other than storing your junk. Other options may be to convert the concrete garage into a family room, a sewing room or a workshop. Whatever you decide to change this versatile space into, make it something for you that you can enjoy.

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