Important Things to Bring on a Study Trip Abroad

You might be excited with the idea of having a study trip abroad. You pack your best clothes, all your gadgets and are totally ready to take the best selfie. Don’t forget though that this is not just an ordinary trip. It is a study trip. The goal is for you to travel and learn. It can even be incorporated into your academic studies in some cases. You need to have the right items with you to ensure that this trip will be a huge success.

Travel documents

If you are travelling to another country, all documents necessary must be with you. The passport, visa and tickets must be double checked. Original and copy versions should be with you just in case you get into trouble later.

Pocket money

This is not just intended to buy souvenirs for your friends back home. It is to give you the chance to explore the place you are visiting. If you are travelling with your school, they will surely have a plan lined up for you. However, there might still be places you wish to visit. When you have extra money, you can buy tickets to enter these places or use public transportation to get there.


You don’t know what the temperature will be when you arrive at the place. There are times when the wind is cold, but the sun is out. There are countries where it is summer but it is also raining. You need sunblock not just to protect your skin but to avoid missing important activities. If it is hot, you might decide not to join outdoor activities, but you can learn a lot from them, so be protected from the sun.

Note apps

This is technically not a thing, but an essential for this trip. You must have the right app to take notes and document the trip. You might not be a blogger, but you still need to document this trip for personal reasons. You can go back to your notes later and recognise what you have learned from this experience. There are apps that make it easier for you to collect notes and organise them.


This is a study trip, so it helps if you have a laptop, so you can keep working. It allows you to transfer all the files that you have recorded while travelling, write your thoughts, organise them and retrieve them easily. If you run a blog or a website, it also helps if you have your laptop with you to make it easier to work.

There are several places to visit for a meaningful trip and a studietur in Malaga is one of them. Malaga is such a beautiful and historical place. Be fully prepared as you visit this wonderful place and make the most of your experience.


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