Is Your Daughter Ready to Date?

For many parents, knowing when the right time for their daughters to begin dating can be tricky.

On the one hand, you want her to be happy and not feeling as if you are holding her back. On the flip side, her safety is always of your utmost concern.

With that in mind, is there a set age which you can feel as comfortable as possible about her seeing someone?

Often, parents and their daughters will sit down and have that all-important discussion. This may even involve more than one talk. If so, that is fine. The more quality time you have with one another, the stronger your relationship will be.

Having a boy who is a friend and having one who is an exclusive friend are two different things.

That said is your daughter ready to date?

Making Sure Her Safety is Never Compromised

As mentioned a moment ago, your daughter’s safety will always be your top priority.

With that being the case, keep in mind a few keys to making sure she is as safe as can be.

· Maturity – One of the biggest factors at hand is your daughter’s maturity. As all too many parents know, girls (and boys for that matter) mature at different ages. One can be 16 and immature, while another can be 12 and quite mature for their age. By gauging your daughter’s maturity level, this can help the decision when you discuss the matter.

· Date – If your daughter has met someone in school, how do you know if he is a responsible individual? Although it may seem extreme to some on the outside, would you do a background check on the individual? If so, doing a necessary background check can provide you with the details you were looking for. By knowing he has not had run-ins with the law, you may feel more comfortable with the person.

· Friends – Does your daughter have a reliable group of friends she hangs out with? If so, you may want to talk to one or more of them. They will tend to know more of what is going on in her dating life than you might. As such, they may offer information about who she is seeing with or without your permission.

Avoiding Alienating Your Daughter

The last thing you want to end up doing is alienating your daughter. If this happens, you could see a notable drop-off in your ability to communicate with her.

Such cases arise when the parent does not approve of the individual their daughter is seeing. As a result, conflict and strife can enter into the daughter-parent relationship.

It is important as a parent to look back on your own experiences when you were her age.

There was likely a time as a kid where you had zero interest in the opposite sex. Over time, that of course changes. Some teens get to the point where all they can do is think about boys or girls 24/7. As such, they can end up placing pressure on their parents to allow them to begin dating.

At the end of the day, do your best to steer clear of tension between you and your daughter.

In some cases, she will have to figure things out on her own.

That said always being there for her with sound advice and love is the best that you can do.

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