Order Pizza Using Get Pizza Today

You have probably ordered pizza online so many times you have lost count. Placing an order is usually done through the websites of the pizza outlets and the delivery done to different locations. However, there is a different way that individuals can buy pizzas without using the usual channels that have been used for years. Companies such as Get pizza today offer an online platform that pizza lovers can use to buy the popular food from different outlets on their website. They are affiliated with well known outlets such as Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns which offer some of the tastiest pizzas in the country.

Apart from being a one stop platform for those that want to order pizza, they also make it possible to make purchase through PayPal. PayPal is a well known payment system where account holders keep funds that they can use to do various transactions. Using PayPal to make such payments is rare but its ease of use cannot be underestimated even for people that have not placed an online order for pizza before. Although ordering pizza is one of the main revenue streams for the website, customers can also place orders for other types of food offered by various pizza outlets.

Buying pizza through this unique website involves a simple process that is completed within a short time. The site is easy to navigate with some of the steps involved in the ordering process being straightforward.

First, you will need to select an outlet that will deliver the pizza to your location once payment is made. The outlets associated with Get Pizza today are Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns which are well established and have a good reputation when it comes to pizzas. In addition, they also sell other meals that are of high quality.

Second, the amount to be loaded on the electronic gift card is then chosen according to the items being ordered from the outlet. There are a number of gift cards to choose from regardless of how large the order is and the types of pizza selected. Apart from the amount for the meal, there is an extra fee added to cater for transaction fees and other types of facilitation that is taken care of on behalf of the customer.

Third, provide all the information needed to complete the order and proceed to checkout using PayPal as the payment method. Since PayPal is a reliable as well as safe online payment system, you do not need to be afraid to provide personal information resulting in a confirmation of the transaction within a few minutes through e-mail. In most cases, the e-mail will provide information on the amount deducted from the account while also indicating the company that it has been sent to, for future reference.

Fourth, as soon as PayPal confirms that the funds have been transferred, a gift card is sent to you through email with a unique code. The code enables a customer to properly complete the transaction started on the Get Pizza today website and is then finalized with the delivery of the pizza as instructed. In case the gift card is not used, then an individual is eligible for a refund which is deposited back into their PayPal account.

All in all, pizza lovers now have an extra alternative to the purchase of their favorite meal even when they do not have ready money. Buying pizza through the site also allows you to buy a meal from pizza outlets that would have otherwise not accepted payments through PayPal in the first place.

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