Outdoor Summer and Fall Family Fun

Every season brings its own activities to enjoy. Summer and fall are especially pleasant because the weather invites everyone to spend time outdoors. Here are a few ideas to try when the weather is welcoming and you are feeling the spirit of the season.


Pack a blanket, paper plates, and your favorite picnic foods for an al fresco meal. Use an insulated thermos for hot foods and head to a local park to appreciate the warm summer day or the changing fall leaves. Throwing a frisbee or flying a kite could make the picnic outing even more memorable.

Produce and Fruit Stand

Visit a Farmer’s Market and try out something new, or stock up on fresh produce for the week. Oftentimes, Farmer’s Markets sell soaps, jams, and salsas, in addition to the expected fruit and vegetables. Festive music will most likely provide the beat for a jaunt through your local farmer’s market.

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

A pumpkin patch is fun for kids and adults alike. Besides finding a pumpkin to add to your fall decorations, get excited for hay rides, corn mazes, and even petting zoos. Not to mention, if you purchase a pumpkin, it can be carved, painted, or decorated when you get home. Several farms offer many of these activities together to create a fun day getaway for the family.

Seasonal Food and Drinks

If the weather is warm, make some fresh lemonade or have a snow cone. Iced tea is a yummy drink in the summer and hot tea will warm you up on a cool fall day. Conversely, if the weather is cooler, whip up some hot chocolate. Make sure to add marshmallows on top or some chocolate shavings.

Bake pumpkin or apple pies to celebrate the fall weather. Popcorn is delicious any time of the year, but you can spice it up with flavors of the season. For example, add dried basil for a summer treat, or drizzle with marshmallow fluff for a sweet indulgence in the fall. Get creative and make foods that are symbolic of the season a fun snack.

Water Activities

There is no better time for water activities than when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Take time to relax on a pool float or visit a local water park with your family. A water table, water balloons, or running around in the sprinklers will provide hours of entertainment for young children.

Create Seasonal Centerpieces

Go outside and pick fresh summer flowers to put in a vase and display as a centerpiece. Another idea is to paint pinecones with your kids and display them in a festive dish. Simple seasonal crafts are fun to make and dress up a plain table.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather that accompanies summer and fall by experiencing one or more of the mentioned ideas. You will make lasting memories and possibly start some new seasonal traditions.

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