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Innovative & Improved Parenting Using Technology

Cell Phone Spy & Monitoring Software For Parentng – Before your teenager brings you to the level of frustration that can harm either of you, come to terms with this new piece of technology and it will not be long before you are one of its admirers.

Innovative Parenting – Monitoring Through Cell Phones

Be it an accident or a deep wish come true, parenthood knocks on the door of every fortunate person. However with it comes great responsibility. And just like ‘Rome was not built in a day'; Read more […]

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Dolls Perfect for Your Little Girl

A doll is one of the most loved playthings for a young girl. Many parents remember the feeling of opening up a Cabbage Patch doll in the early 80s at Christmas time. That doll was a highly valued treasure throughout childhood. Today’s girls also have the same love. As you are thinking about a doll to give your daughter, consider these popular options.


Monster High

You would have to be living under a rock not to know what Monster High dolls are. Monster High is a line of dolls that Read more […]

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Right Time to Hire Tutor for Your Child

There are many children in school who just cannot make the same in-class progress as their colleagues and this means that sooner or later, they will fall behind with studying. When something like this will happen though, parents shouldn’t worry too much about it, because their children can be helped by considering a tutor. In this regard, the article below will take a closer look at some of the aspects parents need to keep in mind when it comes to tutoring.


When is it best to hire a Read more […]

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10 Affordable Party Favors

Hosting a party for your child and her friends is a big job—you have to buy the cake, set up the decorations, find entertainment and, increasingly, pick out the perfect party favors. Sending guests home with goody bags is becoming customary at kids’ parties, but if you aren’t careful, this tradition can quickly eat up your party budget. Use this list of affordable favors to find memorable parting gifts guests will love, all without draining your bank account.

1. Personalized bubbles: This Read more […]

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How Much Exercise Should My Child Do?

As a parent, if you’ve asked this question once, you’ve asked it a million times. It’s only natural to worry about your child’s health.
Children and young adults should minimise the amount of time they spend doing stationary activities. This means getting their bodies moving outside the pushchair. It also means being very careful about TV and video games. If you can live without a television, go for it!
Children Below Five Years-Old
Surely a child under the age of five doesn’t need to worry Read more […]

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Role Reversal Caring For Elderly Parents Is Common

You probably think of your parents being the caregivers. They are the ones that raised, fed, and clothed you throughout your childhood. But eventually your parents age and join the ranks of the elderly. Then one day your parents need you to care for them. This is called role reversal. With the baby boomer population reaching that age, it is extremely common for children to have to care for their aging parents.
Caregiving for the elderly is like a full time job, or in some cases a second full time Read more […]

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Nursing Tips and Tricks for New Moms

One of the most natural and beautiful ways to feed your baby is through nursing. Although it comes with an assortment of challenges and may seem like a lot of work, it’s worth it and can provide them with the essential nutrients needed to boost their immune system. It’s also cost efficient and a great way to bond with your infant. The following are important tips to building a wonderful breast-feeding relationship.


Before your infant arrives, you should sign up for a class on Read more […]

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How to Teach Young Ones to Be Gentle With Pets

Pets are a precious addition to any home. Living, breathing companions, they can teach kids a lot about compassion, responsibility, and love. But kids must also be taught how to care for and handle pets. If left to their own devices, children can play too roughly with pets.

An animal hurt by an exuberant child might hit back—or rather bite. And then what? A tiresome visit to the emergency room for the child. A one way trip to the local shelter for the animal. Such disasters can be prevented.

A Read more […]

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6 Ways Technology Can Make Your Family Closer

As technology increasingly intrudes on our lives, many parents wonder if these changes are damaging families’ ability to stay close. How can parents compete with text messages from friends, an endless supply of online music, videos and games and the instant availability of information? Here are ways your family can use this technology to grow closer instead of letting it tear you apart.

1. Document Special Family Times
We’re always saving the video camera for a “special occasion” without Read more […]

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4 Ways to Spark A Love of Reading in Your Child

It is common knowledge that children who master reading have a higher level of success throughout their lives. Children who read well are more likely to graduate high school, and a very high percentage will attend college. Reading abilities also will impact jobs and job performance.

Encouraging your children to read is just one of the steps it takes to help them to become a better reader. You must create a way for them to enjoy reading and want to read on their own. There are several ways that Read more […]