Innovative & Improved Parenting Using Technology

Cell Phone Spy & Monitoring Software For Parentng – Before your teenager brings you to the level of frustration that can harm either of you, come to terms with this new piece of technology and it will not be long … Continue reading “Innovative & Improved Parenting Using Technology”

Dolls Perfect for Your Little Girl

A doll is one of the most loved playthings for a young girl. Many parents remember the feeling of opening up a Cabbage Patch doll in the early 80s at Christmas time. That doll was a highly valued treasure throughout … Continue reading “Dolls Perfect for Your Little Girl”

Right Time to Hire Tutor for Your Child

There are many children in school who just cannot make the same in-class progress as their colleagues and this means that sooner or later, they will fall behind with studying. When something like this will happen though, parents shouldn’t worry … Continue reading “Right Time to Hire Tutor for Your Child”

10 Affordable Party Favors

Hosting a party for your child and her friends is a big job—you have to buy the cake, set up the decorations, find entertainment and, increasingly, pick out the perfect party favors. Sending guests home with goody bags is becoming customary … Continue reading “10 Affordable Party Favors”

How Much Exercise Should My Child Do?

As a parent, if you’ve asked this question once, you’ve asked it a million times. It’s only natural to worry about your child’s health. Children and young adults should minimise the amount of time they spend doing stationary activities. This … Continue reading “How Much Exercise Should My Child Do?”

Role Reversal Caring For Elderly Parents Is Common

You probably think of your parents being the caregivers. They are the ones that raised, fed, and clothed you throughout your childhood. But eventually your parents age and join the ranks of the elderly. Then one day your parents need … Continue reading “Role Reversal Caring For Elderly Parents Is Common”

How to Teach Young Ones to Be Gentle With Pets

Pets are a precious addition to any home. Living, breathing companions, they can teach kids a lot about compassion, responsibility, and love. But kids must also be taught how to care for and handle pets. If left to their own devices, … Continue reading “How to Teach Young Ones to Be Gentle With Pets”

6 Ways Technology Can Make Your Family Closer

As technology increasingly intrudes on our lives, many parents wonder if these changes are damaging families’ ability to stay close. How can parents compete with text messages from friends, an endless supply of online music, videos and games and the … Continue reading “6 Ways Technology Can Make Your Family Closer”

4 Ways to Spark A Love of Reading in Your Child

It is common knowledge that children who master reading have a higher level of success throughout their lives. Children who read well are more likely to graduate high school, and a very high percentage will attend college. Reading abilities also … Continue reading “4 Ways to Spark A Love of Reading in Your Child”