Preparing for A Baby Girl: Things You Need to Get

Are you expecting a baby girl soon? Then there are a few things that you have to prepare for her arrival. Start your preparation as soon as you are able to know the gender of your baby. You can consult your doctor about this. Once you are sure of her gender, you can start buying the following things.

Sleeping Equipment

The first thing you should prepare is the sleeping equipment. At home, you have to set the crib with a mattress inside and around 2 to 3 sheets and mattress pads. You must also make sure that there is waterproof liner on the mattress, so it won’t get wet. You can opt to buy a waterproof mattress. If you’re the traditional type, fill up the crib with sets of pink or purple pillows and blankets to make your girl feel comfortable. Remember that a baby’s skin is sensitive, so be careful in choosing her sleeping equipment. Check whether the material used will not cause a rash.

Proper Clothing

Clothing is also very important because baby girls will be using a lot of baby girl clothes. Prepare around 5 to 6 onesies for sleeping or for a normal day wear. Don’t forget the mittens, socks, and a hat to keep your baby warm. When the baby is slowly growing older, you can buy other outfits such as shirts, long pants, and even dresses. If your baby can go out, buy some baby shoes or other footwear. If you think that buying from a baby store is too expensive, you can buy some baby clothes online. You’ll be able to find a lot of beautiful but not-so-expensive baby girl clothes online.

Feeding Supplies

Feeding supplies are also important because you need your baby to be comfortable while being fed. It is recommended that you breastfeed your baby, but it’s understandable if you can’t do it all the time. You might want to buy a breast pump from Australia so you can extract breast milk which you can use for later. Prepare around 10 bottles where you can store the milk. It also helps to have some nursing bras and ointment just in case your nipples get sore.

Hygiene Equipment

You’ll need to buy an infant tub, some baby soap, and shampoo. Check the chemicals used in the bath essentials that you are planning to buy.

You’ll need around 5 towels and 5 washcloths. Buy a baby nail clipper, a baby tooth brush, and a baby comb. Also, prepare some cloth diapers and a few packs of disposable ones just in case. You’ll need some rash ointment and powder for when you change your baby’s diapers.


Make sure that all of the things your baby girl needs are ready a month or 2 before the expected due date. Buying them in a rush will not do any good to you or your baby. Once you have the necessary things, you are ready to fully welcome your child to the world!

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