Nutrition and Food Allergies

(2nd through 5th grade.)

When you have a food allergy, there are vitamins and nutrients (important parts of food) that your body misses out on. Learn where to find these nutrients!

Project Directions

  1. Circle your food allergies and see what vitamins and nutrients are important for your body. 
  2. Now let’s find out some other ways to get these important vitamins and nutrients, and learn what exactly they do for you. For example, searching the internet with the keywords “calcium in food,” we can learn that someone who is allergic to milk can get extra calcium from calcium tablets or calcium-fortified orange juice, in order to build strong bones. Search for your allergen and the nutrients you might be missing.
  3. Then make a collage of magazine cut-outs to show where you can get the vitamins and nutrients.

What You Learned

It is important to take care of your body. Now you know a little more about what is good for it, and what you can eat to help keep it healthy.

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