So you've been assigned a science fair project; need an idea? You've come to the right place!

First, it is important that you know the basic facts about food allergy. If you haven't already, check in with Terry, the Wise Owl, to learn about Food Allergy Basics. Then, take a look at the project ideas below.

Can you taste the difference?

A great project for both those with food allergies and those without is to research the roles of ingredients in foods and try to find substitutes. It is time to put your chef hat on!

Avoid the Allergen

Have your friends ever wondered what it would be like to live with a food allergy? Tell them to try it for a day!

Do you really know what you are eating?

How much do others really know about what they are eating? Here is a great way to find out!

What are hives?

If you eat or drink a food that you are allergic to, your body might have an allergic reaction. Many people develop hives (itchy, red bumps on their skin) if they eat something they are allergic to. To learn more about hives, complete this project.

What is histamine and how does medication work against an allergic reaction?

You know that you need to take your medicine when you have a reaction. Now let’s learn how that medicine works.

Nutrition and Food Allergies

When you have a food allergy, there are nutrients (important parts of food) that your body misses out on. Learn where to find these nutrients!

What do other people know about food allergies?

Unless you have a food allergy, you just don’t know the facts of living with a food allergy 24/7. Learn what people without food allergies know about them!

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