Schuco bi-folding doors are a class apart from the rest

When it comes to bi-folding doors, there are many different types to choose from. Deciding on aluminium or PVCu could well be one of the easier choices, because after that, the styles, manufacturers and much more can be a real minefield.

However, as more and more people decide to improve their home with these products, so also improves our greater understanding of the benefits and differences between one system and another.

The Schuco bi-folding door is quite simply put regarded by customers, the home improvement industry, builders and architects as one of the finest products every produced. Their attention to detail, aesthetics, quality and security are often unrivalled by their competitors and more importantly, you do not have to pay millions to have them on your home. But why are they so good?

Well, as with most things that are manufactured in Germany, they benefit from their outstandingly high standards. But this is coupled with top design features, and functionality. The team often look to be ground-breaking in their designs and meticulously test all areas to ensure that whatever look or feel you are going for, this is achieved. Again, linking to the Germany connection, almost everything manufactured there has a certain design appeal and these doors are no different. With small sight lines (meaning that less aluminium is on show), strong colours and an increase in popularity, it is no wonder architects choose them time after time.

They also have a major advantage in that they have be so cleverly designed that they can now be used for both modern and traditional homes. This means that architects and house builders can with confidence recommend the product knowing they will get the appearance and finishes they require. Due to their designs also being at the forefront of technology, they offer the ‘total freedom’ when it comes to design criteria, making them fit seamlessly into any building.

It is not just the appearance though that makes them stand out; it is also the security and additional benefits the doors give. Their security levels, using the very best aluminium, combining this with multipoint locking to the highest of industry standards, means that despite the great glass on show, people feel so much safer with these doors. Unlike other companies that use off the shelf security measures, Schuco have manufactured there’s themselves and have listened to what the customers want to ensure these doors match their criteria. This constant evaluation and testing is a key component in their development and guarantees they remain ahead of the competition. With greater weather rated thresholds as well, you can rest easy knowing that whatever the weather your doors will continue to work, day after day.

So if you are looking for a bi-folding door company to provide you with some new doors for your home, make sure you ask them for Schuco. You will be guaranteeing that you are getting the best product, that it will look good. Although there are other systems out there, why settle for second best!

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