Some Top Questions You should Remember to Ask a Fertility Clinic or Specialist

Having that very first meeting or consultation with a fertility clinic or specialist is always nerve-wracking. After all, this is something that you have been waiting for for so long, and you know very well how life-changing a successful treatment can be. You have plenty of hopes and expectations and are undoubtedly anxious to learn what needs to be done to achieve your ultimate goal.

But if you are having a consultation for the first time, there are some questions that would greatly benefit you to ask. These questions are quite simple on the face of it, but you’d be surprised at how many women (and men) often neglect to ask these few important questions. So what should you ask? Let’s find out.

The success rates

Every clinic has its own success rates, especially when it comes to different types of treatment. Apart from asking the clinic or specialist if they have reasonably high (or even the highest IVF success rates in London), you should ask them for the exact numbers. Ask them how many of their patients in the past two years have had successful treatments.

The treatment options

If the clinic is recommending a specific treatment for you, such as IVF, ask them about the benefits of this type of treatment for your particular diagnosis or condition. You should also find out why they think this is the best type of treatment for you, and if there are any other alternatives in case this treatment or procedure does not work. If they can suggest alternative treatment aside from the primary treatment they have in mind, ask them what this entails as well.

The medication

Once the clinic or specialist has explained what the treatment involves, ask them if there are any drugs or medicine you have to take. Do these medicines have particular side effects? Also, are there any alternative medicines aside from those that they recommend?

The costs

Another important question to ask is regarding the cost. We all know that fertility treatments are not cheap, so it is definitely in your best interest to know what you can expect and what you are in for from the very beginning. Ask the clinic or specialist if they can give you a breakdown of all the costs and expenses involved in the treatment, and other expenses and fees that may come up.

What you can do on your own

You should also make it a point to ask the clinic or specialist if there is anything specific which you can do to boost your chances – be it making changes in your lifestyle, changes in your diet, exercising more, stopping certain habits such as smoking, and the like. You should ask them as well how these specific changes can help improve your chances.

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