StealthMate Lets You Keep Your Family Safe in the Age of Digital Threats

Keeping your family safe in digital times has become quite a humongous undertaking because of internet-related threats. However, there’s no need to worry because StealthMate is here to help. This monitoring tool comes with a ton of features that can empower you to shield your family from the negative aspects of technology, especially online threats. Some of the digital threats and the way StealthMate can help you deal with them have been outlined below. In case you want to explore the software in even more detail, then you can visit its official website to read more about it and all that it has to offer.

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Since the arrival of social networking sites, particularly Facebook, predators have started to seek out complacent kids in order to exploit them. They get in touch with them, befriend them, and then talk them into undertaking risks like sharing risqué photos or videos, or meeting them somewhere in real. You can curb this threat to a large extent with the help of StealthMate as it enables you to keep tabs on their Facebook chats. If you discover a stranger or shady person talking to your kids, you can intervene and stop them before they can incur any serious damage.


This is one of the biggest problems your family, especially the younger members, is susceptible to. Pornography is available readily and can be accessed by anyone at any time with ease. StealthMate can be a huge asset here as it allows you to keep an eye on their browsing habits. If you find them accessing pornographic content, you can have a conversation with them, explaining how porn can turn into an addiction and essentially ruin their lives. Even without the lectures, those watching porn are bound to feel discouraged once they realize their activities are no longer hidden from your watchful eyes.


Your family members, especially kids, can get involved with bad company and thus come under negative influence online. This can quite possibly lead to them drinking alcohol, trying out drugs, and even committing petty crimes. However, you can keep them safe from all that through StealthMate. The keylogging feature gives you detail about each and every single word they type on their computers. Furthermore, there’s a screen capture feature that takes screenshots after regular intervals, showcasing what the members of your family have been doing online, including snapshots of their interactions and web surfing. Finally, there’s Skype chat logging which gives you detail regarding all chats taking place on Skype. If you see them interacting with the wrong people and about inappropriate stuff, then you can stop them before things get out of hand.


Apart from the aforementioned features, StealthMate also offers Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail logging, which allows you to read all the sent and received emails. Moreover, there is location tracking feature that allows you to know where your family members are at all times. Other than that, there is Gmail chat logging, computer access tracker, and so much more.

StealthMate gives you a very realistic chance of taming the wildness of online world and putting a leash around technology, thus making it possible for your family to enjoy a safe digital experience.

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