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Do You Have Private Health Insurance?

The public health system has been under continued criticism for some time but the intensity has been turned up recently, with allegations that public health is out of touch with what people really need. A collection of different health groups: the Midwifery Federation the Consumers Health Forum, and Catholic Health Australia claim that, in light of the large, ageing population, and the increase in chronic disease, the system needs a complete shake up.

According to the group, the public system Read more […]

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Role Reversal Caring For Elderly Parents Is Common

You probably think of your parents being the caregivers. They are the ones that raised, fed, and clothed you throughout your childhood. But eventually your parents age and join the ranks of the elderly. Then one day your parents need you to care for them. This is called role reversal. With the baby boomer population reaching that age, it is extremely common for children to have to care for their aging parents.
Caregiving for the elderly is like a full time job, or in some cases a second full time Read more […]