The Benefits of Watching TV with your family

Television has played a big role in many people’s lives, especially in friends and family setting. Still, some people proclaim that they don’t watch television because it’s just a waste of time – as if it is just food for the mind. We can’t blame them, but then it’s how you use it that makes a thing “good” or “bad”. In my family’s case, we managed to extract the benefits of television without sucking up all the negativities people claim it provides.


Here are the top benefits of watching television with the whole family:

Increased family bonding. This one is pretty obvious. Cozying up in a late-night weekend film is a surefire way to bring the entire family to the living room – the thing is, watching TV with everyone encourages communication. You’ll be able to talk with your kids about their day’s activity, your wife about the groceries (or your husband about that broken sink), etc. There’s something about watching with the entire family that brings everyone closer together.

Quick Tip: Choose a movie that’s appropriate and everyone can enjoy.

Learn together while having fun. TV game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Price is Right bring about the competitive nature in everyone. Tuning in to these kind of shows causes everyone in the room to participate in the game show. You’ll have instant discussions and fun-filled jokes while watching.

Also, with cable channels such as National Geographic, History, and Discovery Channel can be as educational as going to school. Also, I’m sure you learned something while watching a regular TV series.

Bunch of Laughter. Laughing is undeniably good for us. As the favorite saying goes, laughter is the best medicine – and no sickness within the family is always a good thing! Laughter has been found to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and much more. Therefore, watching a good comedy on TV and laughing can be a great way to not only boost family communication, but also discourage diseases.

Makes an alternative exercise machine. Doing a stationary exercise alone in a treadmill is boring, but doing a circuit exercise with your family while watching a fitness channel is another. All of you will be fit, bonding is ensured and everyone will have a good time. What’s not to like? This must be the reason why televisions are present in most gyms.

How-To DO ANYTHING. With cable channels such as Food Network and HGTV, everyone can learn how to do almost anything from the TV. How awesome would it be to wake up next to waffles cooked by your 8-year old daughter? It might be burned, but heck – at least she tried!

But you say, “well, we don’t have a TV at home”, or “we still haven’t upgraded from our old-school black and white set.” To start, you should look at some TV reviews available online to help you find a perfect TV for your home. This way, you’ll have the right type of television for your room and family preference.

Do you know of other benefits of watching television that belong in this article? If so, comment about it

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