The Big Benefits of Building Toys for Kids

Child development experts say that building toys are one of the most influential types of toys for kids. These kinds of toys help develop and enhance children’s psychomotor and cognitive development as well as help foster social and emotional skills. Here are some of the big benefits of building toys for kids.

1.       Develops and Enhances Their Motor Skills 

One of the inherent benefits of building toys is the development of children’s motor skills especially in hand-eye coordination, spatial intelligence, and fine motor skills. Younger kids will require absolutemastery of finger movements to put into place the different building pieces together. This requires control of the different muscle groups. Coordinating the movement of these muscles help ensure that all of the building pieces are in their correct position; lest, the whole model crumbles. 

2.       Develops Concentration and Focus 

Putting building and construction bricks together requires concentration and focus. Kids need to pay attention to every bit of detail in the model that they are building. Any wrong or misplaced brick can significantly undermine the quality and integrity of the finished product. That is why in accomplishing a building project it is important for kids to stay focused on what they need to accomplish. 

3.       Fosters Creativity and Imagination 

The good thing about building toys is that kids are not limited to designing and building the model for which the building toy set was initially designed for. Kids will soon figure out that, with different building blocks, they can actually create other models or structures. For example, the building set may be geared for the construction of a toy car but, in the hands of a very creative kid, these blocks can actually be turned into a house, a robot, or even an airplane.  

4.       Encourages Divergent Problem Solving 

Closely related to kids’ creativity is their ability to solve problems in a more divergent manner. Divergent problem solving skills presuppose that a given problem can actually have several solutions. This simply means that the building toy can be played with in a number of different ways. It will be up to the child to discover which solution will work best for the given problem. Later in life, the person will be able to utilize this skill in addressing a problem by looking at the multitude of solutions and choosing the best and most appropriate one.

5.       Teaches Causal Relationships 

Building toys are designed to be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled. Kids will realize that if they use a particular pattern, it will result in a given outcome. They also know that if the bricks are not properly put together, the whole structure will collapse. This lays the foundation for understand cause-effect relationships. This helps them establish an understanding of logical reasoning based on the if-then principle. Additionally, it can then lead to the enhancement of their problem solving skills particularly in terms of critical thinking. 

6.       Encourages Social Interaction and Cooperation 

While there are building toys that can be played with independently, many building and construction toy sets require the help of another person, more importantly, a kid. This helps foster cooperation as both kids will try to build the structure in the least amount of time and with fewer mistakes in the process. Likewise, older children already can appreciate the value of teamwork. Building toys can help enhance this sense of cooperation and teamwork while fostering healthier social interactions as kids will have to learn to communicate and trust in each other.

Building toys are one of the most useful toys and cool gifts for children in terms of optimum child growth and development. It is not surprising that many parents give their kids a building toy at least once in their young lives.

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