What Can a Boarding School Offer, That Others Cannot?

Last year, my husband and I were going through the process of selecting the next educational step for our 13 year old daughter, a process which was far from easy. My daughter has always had a real passion for the arts and this was foremost in our minds when it came to selecting the right school for her.

Unfortunately, many state schools are unable to give heavy funding to areas such as the arts and in the end we decided to look into boarding schools for the performing arts, which is what we eventually decided upon. It appeared that there were far more benefits to a boarding school than simply their ability to offer a fine arts program, and in the last year we have seen much evidence of this. If you are thinking of sending your child to boarding school, here is what these institutions are able to offer, that others cannot.

Sports Facilities

I am aware that there are many high schools with excellent sporting facilities but there are very few that can challenge boarding schools in this area. The money which boarding schools receive for their fees is directly re-invested into the facilities of the schools and their equipment. For this reason, boarding schools can not only offer outstanding facilities for their sports, but also a huge range of different sporting events which you are unlikely to find in any state schools.

Teaching Quality

The recruitment process for boarding schools when it comes to their teachers is of a very high standard and teachers must show true excellence to gain a position. Teachers must have a degree in their chosen subject and their educational grades and extra-curricular experience is highly scrutinized before a job is offered. This gives your child the very best access to high quality education, from teachers who really care.

Character Building

All students, across the country, will grow as people during their time at school, but none more so than at a boarding school. The difference here is that students are living away from home and are forced to become more responsible, more independent and more confident. Not only are these young students encouraged to grow in this way, they also must do it at speed given their circumstances and the result is young men and women who have well rounded characters.

Deeper Education

Boarding schools offer a depth and breadth of education that is unrivaled by public schools and because of the fact that they don’t teach solely for individual tests and exams, they have the freedom to really teach knowledge rather than information. Students of boarding schools must study hard on every aspect of their education rather than simply those that they specialize in. Those who graduate boarding school usually have many different subjects to choose from when it comes to their college selections and what they are best at.

Boarding school is a great choice for your child that can help them both personally and academically.

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