Why going camping can keep you healthy

Not too many people go camping nowadays, and that’s regrettable given that everyone needs to relax and forget everything about the stressful lives they lead every day. But most of those who have considered going outdoors and just breathing in some fresh air hardly have time for the activity.

If you’re having second thoughts or you can’t find it in you to get out of town once in a while, we thought we might showcase some of the benefits that camping can bring to your health.

Air quality

You know that there’s a saying that bringing office plants to a building can increase the quality that employees breathe every day? But what if you were surrounded by hundreds and thousands of plants and trees?

In short, inhaling fresh air is the first benefit you’ll get from your camping adventure. There’s pretty much nothing else to breathe at a campsite other than fresh, high-quality oxygen, aside from the areas devoted to cooking, of course.


Even if you’re no fan of workouts and you prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, you’re probably aware of the many risks of being sedentary. Osteoporosis is one of the medical conditions that can be developed in old age simply because you haven’t had enough exercise while you were young.

Sure, not every camping experience needs to involve climbing trees and jumping rope in the morning, but the fact is that you’ll at least explore your surroundings and even try to climb a hill or a mountain, for a change. If you like wildlife and you’d appreciate taking some shots of your favorite bird species, for example, you might have to make an effort to reach its habitat.

Any type of physical activity can boost your metabolism.

Vitamin D

While we do not recommend prolonged sun exposure because it’s correlated with many risks of skin cancer development, you can definitely sit in the sun if you’re covered in 50 SPF sunscreen. Besides, some hours are better than others, which is to say that basking in the sun early in the morning and in the late afternoon is way better than doing the same at noon.

Your bones are made of calcium, but calcium can’t get into your bones in the absence of vitamin D. Your body is miraculously capable of synthesizing its own vitamin D when you’re exposed to sunlight.

Restful sleep

While for some, it might be stressful not hearing all of the buzz of the city, for others a little peace and quiet might be just what they need to forget all about insomnia. Artificial light sources, as well as gadgets like smartphones and tablets used before you go to bed, can affect your sleep quality. But natural light makes you produce more melatonin, which in turn means that you’ll feel sleepier by the time the dark settles in.

Sure, to get the rest you truly need, you need a good tent. Here’s an interesting article about SUV ones, for example. Just remember, your comfort should always come first, especially if this is the first time you go camping.

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